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Business is great
with M-BIRR

With M-BIRR your customers can pay for goods and services using their mobile phone. No more cash. If you are a service provider, your customer does not even have to come to your office. That's more efficient!

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Pay your Taxi fare with M-BIRR

M-BIRR customers can now pay their taxi fare when booking it through ZayRide, the newly launched customer centric on-demand taxi service offering fast and convenient services in urban areas. Selected ZayRide taxis are metered, clean and well maintained; ZayRide and M-BIRR services provide our customers with swift and pleasurable experiences. Book you taxi today and pay with M-BIRR…

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Pay for Total petrol using M-BIRR

M-BIRR customers can now pay for petrol at Total petrol stations. No need to get out of your car - unless you need to registered as an M-BIRR customer which you can also do at Total stations because every station is now also an agent. Simply drive to the petrol pump, select buy goods on your M-BIRR mobile menu. Follow the instructions and enter the petrol pump number. That's how easy it is!

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Buy Mjob subscriptions using M-BIRR

M-BIRR customers can now pay for Mjobs job subscriptions using their mobile phone. Simply to to the buy goods option on your M-BIRR mobile menu. Select the 1,2 or 3 month subscription option and voila your subscription is paid up.

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Pay for DSTV using
your mobile phone

M-BIRR customers can now pay for their DSTV account. Simply use the pay bill option on your M-BIRR mobile menu. Enter your card number and the DSTV M-BIRR account and you are ready to go.

Pay Mekina online ads
with M-BIRR

You can now pay for advertising using your M-BIRR mobile wallet. No need to travel all the way there and back.

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Buy Ethio-Souq goods online

M-BIRR customers can buy goods online at Just use the send money option on your M-BIRR mobile menu.

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